In this Christmas Special segment, the team of World Entwined Magazine narrates Christmas Stories through videos and writings. Stories range from world-famous tales to self-composed short-stories and personal accounts.


Fasten your seatbelts because we are taking you on a fascinating journey through the lands of Christmas!


Navya Ghosh, 


A narration of the Story of the Little Match Girl by Hans Christain Anderson

It is the saga of a dying child's dreams and hopes. It explores the ideas of poverty, hunger and helplessness through the life of a young girl who is sent to sell matches out in the frigid winter to earn money for her family. 

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Juhi Grover, 


A narration of the short story-

The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

The gift of the Magi is a beautiful story that reinforces the idea of love and selfless giving. The story tells the tale of a young couple with very little money and how they deal with the challenge of finding the perfect gift for each other.

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Basma Langah, 

Graphic Designer 

An Elf's Journal-

Ever wondered what all the elves think about Santa and his adventures during Christmas? Here's an elf's journal to keep you posted!

"Hello there! My name is Serdica and I am an associate elf! One amongst Santa’s elves! We have got varied duties here at the North Pole. You may wonder, what precisely do elves do? Well, who does one suppose, does the gift creating, the gift wrapping, the assortment of the naughty and nice children."

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Silvia Ban, 

Blog Writer 

Christmas at Disneyland- the magical experience of a young girl at the Shangai Disneyland during Christmas. 

"Walking along the street, I saw a few kids laughing and frolicking under a huge decorated Christmas tree, “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...”The familiar melody started to ring in my ear, and it evoked my memory of last Christmas...

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle...” I stood in front of four singers and appreciated their beautiful voices while my parents stood beside me, holding my hands.

I was on my Christmas vacation to Shanghai Disneyland."

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Saniya Syed, 

Blog Writer 

An original story titled 'Windlessly Down'-

this beautiful tale explores the true meaning of Christmas. 

"Breath pales against the numbing air, she blinked thoughtfully as the frost patiently kissed her face, captivated by the soft, dusty illusions of light that sat heavily on her eyelashes. She adored the snow, more so when it was falling. In this swirl of white, the world was washed anew, like a new page, but she didn't want it. Under this crystalline path was the path she trod as a child, hand in hand with them. She wanted to turn the pages back and dwell on the fine details but she wouldn't. Not today."

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Saanvi Dhingra, 

Graphic Designer 

A recitation of the poem- A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement Clarke Moore

This enchanting poem describes a young man's wordless encounter with Santa on Christmas Eve. 

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Erika Singh, 

Graphic Designer 

Silent Night- An original story of three soldiers who are brought together by unfortunate circumstances.

"William Spencer hated a lot of things. He hated the snores of his fellow soldiers which kept him up at night, He hated the constant sound of gunfire that rang in his ears, He hated the feel of mud currently filling his boots as he kneeled down to repair the duckboards, but at this moment what William hated the most was the bright-eyed boy standing next to him who had a habit of narrating his life story to anyone who would listen..." 

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Amiya Leekha,

Graphic Designer 

A re-telling of the heartwarming tale, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.

The story follows Scrooge, a bitter man, and his encounter with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. 

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