Thinking like Sherlock Holmes

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Sherlock Holmes is undeniably one of the smartest fictional characters to exist. Whether it is in the books or the TV show, he never ceases to amaze us. He may be a bit of a psychopath - sorry, a high-functioning sociopath - but he does have incomparable wit. Throughout the series, he solves strings of crime using the ‘science of deduction.’ But what is the science of deduction?

In this article of our magazine we carefully analyze the science of deduction used by Mr. Holmes in figuring every little detail about the cases he solves. To explain his scientific way of thinking we take one episode of the BCC Sherlock Holmes series available on Netflix , The blind Banker ( season 1 , episode 2) to break down his logical mind and explain it to you.

If this didn't excite you enough , towards the end of the article , we tell you about how even you can think like the great Sherlock Holmes!

So, what are you waiting for, click the link below to read the entire article and many more interesting articles in our magazine.

Issue 1
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