Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Mythology is, at the same time, the most questioned and the most believed piece of literature in the world. Common folk, like us, believe it because of our faith. Our faith can make us believe in things. But that doesn’t mean we understand them. But what if we try to understand them? What if we try to find the logic behind them?

Through the first issue of our magazine, we explore the big mythological questions that we have all been asking. How did Abhimanyu from Mahabharata know how to get inside the chakravyuh but not outside? How did Lord Krishna stop time to recite the shlokas to Arjun?

We also talk about the methodically advanced structures that were created thousands of years ago. So, if you have a passion for historical analysis, or just an interest in knowing how mythology can provide evidence for modern-day scientific discoveries, you would love this issue of our magazine. Don’t forget to check it out! Click the link below:

Issue 1
Download PDF • 52.47MB

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