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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

From when we were little children, we've been to different museums and exhibitions. They may seem boring to some, and exciting to others. But there are one type of exhibitions that is bound to be loved by everyone who experiences it. It's the exhibitions by Teamlab Tokyo!

Never heard of it? Well, it is a group that creates mesmerizing exhibitions that bring art to life! Some of those exhibitions include:

A forest where Gods live:

This exhibition explores how nature can become art, without harming nature. It comments on the long continuity of life and tries to create a place where its visitors can transcend beyond the boundary of life and feel the flow of life and of time. This once-in-a-lifetime experience allows you to interact with various natural flora and fauna and to touch the ‘essence of nature’ as it were.

Teamlab Forest:

This exceptional exhibition allows the visitors to experience nature using their whole body. Viewers can bounce on strange balls, jump into ‘water’ and so much more! It encourages viewers to think of the world three dimensionally. Not only that, it is made on a Catch, Study, Release strategy where you can ‘catch’ animals, study about them, and then release them back into the wild. Isn’t that cool?

Want to know more about concepts that interconnect Art and Technology?

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