Science In Big Bang Theory ( TV Show)

Updated: Jan 6

Does it ever intrigue you, what the science wizards in Big Bang Theory actually talk about in the show? Does the show still grip you despite you not understanding the majority of the things being talked about ?

Let that not happen anymore! In this article we try to somewhat demystify a few of the most complex science topics talked about in the show , and explain them in layman's terms.

Ever thought you'll get a basic understanding of what Quantum Physics is , get answers to which twin ( from the infamous Einstein's twin paradox) will age faster and know about a new dimension of the universe using String Theory?

Well, we give answers to all of these mind-boggling questions which i'm pretty sure has been bothering a lot of us since we got to know about them.

Let these questions not wait another couple of more years to get answered. Click the link below to read the entire article and many such amazing articles in our magazine!

Issue 1
Download PDF • 52.47MB

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